13–15 August


As the scene of IntSaab 2021 Finland, Himos offers us a lot of potential. The facilities are good for thousands of participants, and the same amount can be accommodated in the immediate vicinity of the event. Cars can be parked next to the colossal event tent, and the tent will protect us in the unfortunate event of midnight sun showers. 

Now this may even sound a bit too spacious, but Himos is also able to scale down. This means we can offer a practically unlimited number of tickets, but we can also organize an event where we’ll all feel cozy and comfortable.

Location: Himos
Street address: Länsi-Himoksentie 4
Post number and city: 42100 Jämsä
Country: Finland

How to drive to Finland? Probably by a ferry or cruise ship. If you plan to travel through Denmark and Sweden, you are probably taking a cruise ship from Stockholm. If you choose the Via Baltica route, you can take a ferry from Tallinn. There's also a direct ferry line from Travemünde to Helsinki for those who come from central or southern Eurore and wish to do with somewhat less driving.

The shipping companies serving these routes are:

Viking Line (Sweden, Estonia)
Tallink Silja (Sweden, Estonia)
Eckerö Line (Estonia)
Finnlines (Sweden, Germany)

You can also drive directly from Russia, Sweden and Norway. We will present some travel tips in our blog later on.