13–15 August

IntSaab 2021

The event has been canceled.


Saab Club of Finland has been awarded the rights to organize the IntSaab event in 2021. We’ve done it twice already: Ellivuori was the location in 2001 and 2011, but making Ellivuori III is not a part of our plan. As a result of extensive research, we decided to place the event in Himos. Himos is located in the municipality of Jämsä, between Tampere and Jyväskylä, approximately three hours drive from both Turku and Helsinki. 

Himos may sound familiar to many Saab enthusiasts, thanks to Rally Finland or 1000 Lakes Rally, as it was formerly known. Himos sets the scene for one of the special stages, but the most well-known stage is probably Ouninpohja, only a couple of kilometers from Himos. Summertime, Himos hosts many large music festivals and other events. At winter, it turns into a popular ski resort with a pulsating nightlife. 

As the scene of IntSaab 2021 Finland, Himos offers us a lot of potential. The facilities are good for thousands of participants, and the same amount can be accommodated in the immediate vicinity of the event. Cars can be parked next to the colossal event tent, and the tent will protect us in the unfortunate event of midnight sun showers.

The logo

The IntSaab 2021 Finland event logo is designed by Saab Club of Finland member Tomi Laamanen. Tomi also happens to be the man behind our club’s membership card, and you may sense certain similarities in the design language. Let’s have a closer look into what the design of the logo attempts to convey us. 

Valuing all Saab models equally and unquestionably, from UrSaab to the 2014 9-3, has always been the cornerstone of Saab Club of Finland philosophy. You can therefore spot familiar Saab shapes of various ages in the IntSaab 2021 Finland event logo.

Southern Finland is known for its thousands of lakes, and the north is the home of many aesthetic fells. In his design, Tomi retrieves inspiration from nature and lets Saab silhouettes represent it. The fell is actually a Saab 92, the lake is a 96, and the shadows reflecting from the lake are 96 and 900 facelifts. The last 9-5 produced sits parked on the shore, between the lake and the fell. If we close our eyes for a brief moment, we can imagine the passengers of the NG 9-5 enjoying the last rays of sunset reflecting from the water.