IntSaab 2021 Finland

13–15 August 2021

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Travel tip: Moominworld

Images by: Juho Peltomäki

When you plan your visit to IntSaab2021, be aware that we have a lot to offer in this nordic country. Moomins are Tove Jansson’s fictional characters for kids but they are also well known by adults throughout the world, perhaps most notably in Japan. There are two Moominworld parks in the world and the original one is in Naantali, next to the city of Turku. If you’re travelling via Helsinki, it’s only a two hours drive on a nice and quiet motorway.

You may know the Moomins and if so, this is the theme park for you. If you don’t, but you are travelling with kids above three years old, you should consider a visit there anyway. At first it might look like an ordinary theme park. Yes, there are all the buildings and characters from the Moomin fiction, but in Moominworld you can experience more than that.

Moominmamma’s hug was too scary but she can also give a high five!

In Moominworld you can see all the familiar buildings and meet the characters. The key point is that the whole theme park is kind of role-playing. The actors inside those fantasy world suits are educated professionals. They are playing their roles around the park and are interacting with the visitors. Probably the most common picture from there is Moominmamma hugging a kid but that is only the top of an iceberg. For example sometimes Stinky comes to mess around and the police officers take him to jail.

In Moominworld’s fire station you can make an alarm!

There’s actually so much interaction that I’d recommend booking two days for the visit. The Moominworld park is located on an island and while the island is not very large (ca. 300 x 400 meters), there’s still a lot to do with kids. Every building is a unique playground. You can make papercraft planes with Muddler, listen to stories with Snufkin in his camp or play with Xbox Augmented Reality Sandbox in Snork’s workshop. And the list goes on!

Muddler is small-talking and teaching how to make papercraft planes.

Moominworld also offers a lot of more traditional ways to spend your day. There is a beach, restaurants, hammocks for taking a nap, Emma’s theater… (This year the theater performs only in Finnish due to COVID-19, but usually they do plays in English and Swedish, too.) When you are going to Moominworld, you walk through Naantali’s historic old city. It’s next to the guest harbour which serves you with many great restaurants, if you prefer a more fine dining than what the Moominworld theme restaurants can offer.

Next to Moominworld you’ll also find the President of the Republic’s summer residence, Kultaranta. Tourists can visit the Kultaranta Garden, also known as the Finnish version of Versailles park and one of the top sights in southern Finland. Opening hours may change, so I recommend a peek at before scheduling your visit.

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