IntSaab 2021 Finland

13–15 August 2021

IntSaab2021 Blog

Ten months to IntSaab2021

COVID-19. That nasty disease may have permanently changed the way we used to glorify global
travel. Cancellation of Denmark’s IntSaab was very regrettable and that same dark situation is
shading our event in Himos too. Nevertheless, we remain optimistic and are still very much
looking forward to organizing our IntSaab event!

In Finland events like IntSaab require a permission from the authorities. We have a professional
event manager in our team to handle that permission. Since last summer, event permissions
require a plan for taking COVID-19 into consideration and if you fail with that plan, your
permission will be denied. There’s one particular aspect of Himos as an event venue that will make
it a bit easier for us: Himos is rated for thousands of visitors and we expect to have a few
hundreds. This means that our event can be arranged in a spacious style and keeping safety
distance will not be too difficult.

Year 2020 was filled with cancelled events for the Saab Club of Finland. We celebrated our
traditional winter days just before the lockdown started, and after that we basically cancelled
everything. In autumn we managed to have a track day in Ahvenisto Race Circuit and also hold our
general assembly, but many bigger events are now again canceled. We had reserved a stand for
our club in X-treme Car Show, an event for custom and tuned vehicles, but that show was
cancelled too. Every day when I read news from Europe I tend to become pessimistic about our
IntSaab, but our whole team is still working hard to make it happen.

Our event is fully planned and we are ready to execute it. We are opening ticket sales in early
2021 and COVID-19 will be acknowledged in the cancellation policy. We will tell more about those
details when the sales starts. Our program will be published soon and marketing will enter the
wide open throttle phase.

The upcoming IntSaab event is already causing a lot of buzz even outside the project team. A
(huge!) private collection of Saabs will probably be published during the event week. Many rare
and elegant Saabs are currently being prepared to be shown to the public. Even I started fixing my
900 Cabriolet which I haven’t used in traffic for a couple of years. If many other Finnish car events
and Saab club meetings happen to get cancelled next year, it will pump up the importance of
IntSaab also in the eyes of domestic visitors. One great thing about Himos is that the participants
won’t have to stay in hotels. Just book your own cottage and stay safe!

We planned to start this blog in full capacity in late 2020 and that moment has now arrived. There
will be plenty of new content about Saabs, IntSaab2021 and travel in Finland. Population density
of our country is under 20 inhabitants per square kilometer. You can have plenty of space around
you, if you choose to plan your visit accordingly. How about starting from the Aland archipelago?
We’ll write also about that later, so stay tuned!