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Saab Club on Ahvenisto race circuit

Petteri Virtanen wrote on August 18, 2019 -- 1min read
Images by: Ari Rintala

Saab Club of Finland, organizer of IntSaab2021, had its yearly Summer Event on 5-7 July in Hämeenlinna. Aulanko holiday resort served as the main venue for the event, but a major part of it took place on the famous Ahvenisto race circuit, located in the immediate vicinity of Hämeenlinna city center. More than 300 members gathered there on this sunny Saturday, and all kinds of Saabs from the 96 to the new generation 9-5 were seen passing through the tight corners of the track.

Ahvenisto is a track, which doesn’t allow for loss of concentration. With its sudden elevation changes and largely non-existing run-off areas, it’s a place where you could easily destroy years worth of restoration effort or make your daily driver undrivable. Saab club members, quite naturally, drive responsibly also on a race track, so the only damage occurring during the day was of more technical nature. It’s easy to replace a turbo or rebuild an engine.

To cater for a sudden need of club merchandize or rare NOS spare parts, we also had the club’s own mobile shop parked in the area. And what’s really a Finnish Saab event without one of the early Flying Finns, Saab ambassador and the club’s honorary member Simo Lampinen showing up. Simo seemed to enjoy his time chatting with fellow club members and signing autographs.

Back in Aulanko, younger drivers had their chance to maneuver a Saab 99 Turbo on the very same Ahvenisto track, but now in the form of a tailor made racing simulator. If you’ve ever driven a classic Saab with a loose seat spring mat, you know what kind of a unique experience we’re talking about.

The day continued with various activities in and around the hotel and ended with a traditional dinner, where good food was eaten, drinks were drunk, and prizes were given.