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IntSaab Crew: Toni Koskinen

Juho Peltomäki wrote on July 14, 2019 -- 1min read

The event requires a crew with various skills and interests. In this blog post we introduce one of the team members whose work will be mostly visible before the event: Toni Koskinen is responsible for IntSaab2021 marketing. 

Hi, I’m Toni! I was born in 1978, and I live in Sipoo, close to Helsinki. I’m a real estate agent. 

It’s fair to say Saabs are in my blood. My dad used to drive Saabs when I was a kid, and when I turned 18 I bought my first of many to come. Someone might recognize one of my cars - The Space Banana - a modified Saab 96 V4 Turbo ‘76. I’ve been building it since 2002. Currently I have three other Saabs: 900 3d ‘92, 99L ‘74 and 9-3 SC ‘08. My wife also has a ‘08 9-3 SC of her own. 

I’ll gladly admit I’m an enthusiast and I believe Saab is more than a car, it’s a way of living. 

In addition to Saabs I own a Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible ‘66, which I bought right after I received my driver’s license in 1996. 

I don’t have previous experience in organizing events of this magnitude, but I believe this can actually be an advantage: I look at this from an outsider’s perspective. I’m familiar with sales and marketing through my profession and I took the responsibility for marketing and social media in particular, so I’m the one behind the IntSaab2021 social media appearance. I will be reporting about the event preparations, but also about other Saab events organized in Finland. 

IntSaab2021 will be bigger than any previous Finnish Saab event. I’m confident we’ll have a lot to offer to our participants, and I can hardly wait for it all to happen. 

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