IntSaab 2021 Finland

13–15 August 2021

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IntSaab Crew: Petteri Virtanen

Hello, dear reader! I believe the chairman’s introduction post was due a long time ago in Juho’s original publication schedule, but I’ve been procrastinating successfully.

My name is Petteri, I’m 40+ years old, and I live in South-Western Finland with my wife and our three kids. I’ve never owned any other car but Saab, and I’ve been the chairman of Saab Club of Finland since the start of 2018. Before that, I was a board member for a couple of years and also participated actively in editing our club magazine.

I think I was 10 when I all of a sudden became a serious Saab fan. My best friend’s dad bought a Saab 900 - first a used one and a couple of years later a brand new slant nose variant from the Uusikaupunki factory. To me the 900 was something extraordinary with its almost luxurious upholstery and attention to details - like the totally mind blowing window crank handle - nothing like I’d ever seen in our Fiats and Opels or in their earlier car, a Ford Taunus. Back home I insisted that we’d also trade our boring Ascona for a Saab, but my father failed to understand the beauty of a Saab. To him they were tractors from Uusikaupunki, as Valmet, the Finnish party of the joint venture, was better known as a tractor manufacturer.

The picture above is not set up as I was indeed changing tyres to my 9-3 Aero and even thinking seriously about replacing the rear brake calipers. But the truth is that I don’t spend time tinkering in the garage (or out in sunshine) like I once used to. Nowadays it’s more the club’s administrative stuff and coding that inspire me in my spare time.

Aside from my chairman duties I’m also the club’s IT responsible. In that scope I’d like to share a couple of words about this site that me and my fellow developers are building. It’s based on so-called decoupled CMS technology, where the front end is a statically deployed Gatsby.js site and the content is retrieved on build time from our legacy Drupal server. With this split we’ll make sure the user facing functionality, hosted on AWS cloud, can scale almost infinitely and handle any load without issues.

Development will continue throughout the remaining year, and you as a user can be a part of the journey. We are about to introduce some more content and sign-up functionality real soon now. After that you can create an account and subscribe to blog posts, and later you’ll be able to set up your participant profile.

Apart from building the web site, I’m not involved with daily IntSaab2021 event preparation activities. Naturally I keep myself updated on high level plans, but all real work is done by Matti and his team. It always delights me to see their dedication and determination as the project now enters into its third and final year. We are soon approaching the phase where we reveal the event program and start preparing for launch of ticket sales.

In my draft version of this post I was still hopeful regarding this year’s IntSaab in Denmark, although it seemed uncertain. A week later I learned that the Danish Saab club’s had to cancel the event, which was truly sad news for the Saab community, and most of all for the organizers. I hope you have the energy to pull together another event and use the experience from preparing this one, when the time is right.

Stay safe and keep Saabing!