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IntSaab Crew: Netta Pöntinen

Netta Pöntinen wrote on September 2, 2019 -- 1min read

Hi all, I’m Netta! I’m a 43 yo. saaber and mother living in Mikkeli in southern Savonia. I’m originally from south-western Finland, not too far from the Uusikaupunki Saab plant. This is my first year as a board member of the Saab Club of Finland. In the IntSaab2021 project I’m responsible for the event programme. My team consists of wonderful people excited to be a part of the upcoming event.

When I was a kid, my dad used to drive many different Saab models. My first car was a  classic three-door 900 from 1981 and ever since I’ve owned a varying range of Saabs: 9000, NG 900, OG 9-3 and OG 9-5 in both before and after the 2006 facelift outfits. Currently my daily driver is a Saab 9000 CSE Jubilee, also known as the anniversary edition in some markets. I’m extremely proud of this 9000 and I’m planning to keep and nurture it for many years to come.

Saab is a shared interest in my family. My partner also adores the 9000 and he owns both an Aero and a Griffin. My daughters are Saab Club members, too: the older of them drives a 9-5 Aero but the younger one still needs to wait quite some years before she gets her license. We are naturally regular attendants in the club’s events.

I’ve been involved in organizing some events and meetups and that kind of volunteer work is really close to my heart. It makes me proud to be a member of the IntSaab2021 team.

I’d like to warmly welcome you all to IntSaab2021 in Himos, Finland!