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IntSaab Crew: Matti Penttinen

Matti Penttinen wrote on May 24, 2019 -- 1min read

Hi there! My name is Matti. I live near Jyväskylä, in Central Finland and I’m 33. By the time IntSaab2021 kicks off, I’ll be somewhat older and probably have some gray hair too, because I’m carrying the project manager responsibility for the event. 

Jokes aside, I’ve had a wonderful time with my team while planning the event, and I believe it will continue that way. 

I’ve been a Saab fan throughout my grown-up life, and my interest is mainly in Saabs from the turbo era. Besides technology, I’m intrigued by the looks. In addition to Saabs, I also have some two-wheel objects in my garage, both with and without an engine. 

Organizing events started to grow into a hobby of its own after I had organized a couple of smaller get-togethers and road trips for friends. Since five years I’m responsible for organizing an annual Saab meetup, which has usually pulled over 200 participants and 100 cars to Jyväskylä. 

The Jyväskylä crew organized the Saab Club of Finland annual summer meetup in 2017. The event took place in the soon-to-be IntSaab scene in Himos, and it was widely recognized as a great success – largely thanks to the superb location. 

With IntSaab2021 I want to provide an event filled with interesting programme to all participants, not forgetting kids and spouses, whose requirements on a weekend getaway might not be fulfilled by a fleet of 300 Saabs parked in perfect lines alone.

I want IntSaab2021 to be an unforgettable event. Welcome to Himos, welcome to Finland!