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IntSaab Crew: Juho Peltomäki

Juho Peltomäki wrote on July 14, 2019 -- 2min read

The event requires a crew with various skills and interests. In this blog post we introduce one of the team members whose work will be mostly visible before the event: Juho Peltomäki manages public relations, for example this blog. 

Hello, I’m Juho, and I must be a true Saab enthusiast, if we consider the following facts: I live in Nokia, which is both the hometown of Saab Club of Finland and the place where the prototype Saab V8 engines were built. Earlier I lived in and around Turku, which is relatively close to Uusikaupunki, home of Finnish manufactured Saabs. I studied half a year in Jönköping, which is (kind of) close to Trollhättan (please don’t check the distance) and I completed another exchange study period in China, where NEVS is just about to start producing vehicles with lots of Saab influence. 

I’ve ridden in Saabs from the day my mom was discharged from the maternity hospital. I grew up with OG 900, and since I got my license I’ve owned a number of other models: 9000 2.3i, NG 900 Cabriolet 2.0T, 9000 2.0t, NG 9-3 2.2TiD and 9-5 2.3t. The NG 900 Cabriolet is my only Saab at the moment, and I only drive it occasionally on the summer. I’m not proud of the situation, but due to my work I drive almost 100.000 kms per year and I appreciate the last Saabs so much that I don’t want to use them as daily drivers. 

I work as a construction engineer in road maintenance, but writing is one of my big interests. I used to edit our club magazine Saabisti for five years and three of those I was the editor-in-chief. I’ll be involved with other aspects of the project too, but this blog will be the most visible result of my work. In the run-up to the event I’ll publish a variety of articles about Finland, Saab, and the Finnish Saab scene. 

IntSaab2021 will not be a traditional IntSaab. We focus on attracting a large number of first time IntSaab participants, while trying to also retain those who marked IntSaab2021 in their calendars while driving home from the 2011 event. It’s safe to estimate that we won’t see new Saab branded cars rolling out from the factory any time soon, so 2021 – ten years from the bankruptcy – is a perfect occasion to get together with other Saab enthusiasts and show that the Saab community is stronger than ever. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve restored your Saab to perfection or tuned it for a standing mile, you’re all equally welcome to have a good time in Himos!