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IntSaab 2021 What do we know so far

Juho Peltomäki wrote on March 15, 2020 -- 2min read

Our team has had very busy moments with this huge project. At first I thought that we’d just book the whole Himos resort, make some marketing, and plan some activities. But that is just the top of an iceberg. We have a dedicated guy just to make sure the event is secure for visitors. There are traffic plans, the police will be informed about our event, someone might need medical attention. And the list goes on. Most of the visitors won’t see or worry about these matters as long as everything goes as planned.

IntSaab is not only about visiting a foreign country and meeting other Saab enthusiasts. We have a great team planning activities for you. It starts from the pre tours: one from Helsinki and another from Turku. We will also be sharing travel tips in this blog for those of you who’d rather not join an organized pre tour but explore the country on your own.

We’ll start already on Friday with some competitions and get-together moments. There will also be activities for children and a car wash service will be available from Friday to Sunday.

Saturday is, naturally, the busiest day of the event. We will have various demonstrations, an International Tuning Challenge Show, driving skills competition for adults and pedaling car championship for kids, and the list goes on…

Our aim is to offer unforgettable activities to every visitor, including those who attend as companions of a Saab enthusiast. Activities, which aren’t Saab branded, include for example a paintball match, IntSaab Golf Championship, and a meetup for the ladies of IntSaab. For young participants we’ll have for example a bouncy castle, a drawing competition and a drop-in type very-short-term childcare service. We’d like to see you spend your holiday here in Finland and your whole family will be able to enjoy the time in the IntSaab event!

Before you book all your holiday activities, be aware that Neste Rally Finland usually takes place in the first week of August, only one week before IntSaab. The rally calendar isn’t yet published for 2021, but you have a great opportunity to take part in the rally event, too. Start by watching WRC cars attack the famous Ouninpohja SS, then experience it yourself in your Saab. I have to remind you, though... It’s a public road with normal regulations.

Our team members have put some nice IntSaab stickers on their cars. The only problem we have is that most of our cars won’t be seen outside of Finland. If you want to promote our event with your beautiful Saab, please feel free to send me an email (info at and we’ll send you some stickers to be shared with your fellow enthusiasts! We also have a promotion car that will be seen in IntSaab2020 in Denmark and some of our team members will be on site to tell you everything you need to know about the Saab Club of Finland and IntSaab2021.

This blog has been idle for a while, but we’ll start writing more regularly during this spring. Our website is also going to be refreshed within a few weeks and in summer we will reveal the whole show.