13–15 August

IntSaab2021 Blog

IntSaab 2021 has been canceled

Unfortunately I have to tell you that the Saab Club of Finland has made a decision to cancel the IntSaab 2021 event. There was still some hope to manage this event, but at the same time there were too many questions without confirmed answers. Probably it will be possible to travel to Finland in August, but right now the Finnish institute for health and welfare can’t tell us anything sure about limitations etc. They only have different predictions. In practical terms we cannot even confirm that it will be possible to buy a ticket for a ferry trip from Stockholm to Turku. There is simply too much uncertainty.

The good thing is that some day this disease will be defeated and we'll already have well prepared plans for this event. We got so many registered participants already that we know for sure, that many Saab enthusiasts want to visit in our event. The next slot for the event is still open but we look forward to announcing that as soon as we know it.

On behalf of the whole IntSaab 2021 team I thank You for supporting us! Year 2021 won't be easy to forget, but some day in future we will celebrate IntSaab in Himos!