IntSaab 2021 Finland

13–15 August 2021

IntSaab2021 Blog

The Beginning

Juho Peltomäki wrote on March 27, 2019 -- 2min read

Saab Club of Finland has been awarded the rights to organize the IntSaab event in 2021. We’ve done it twice already: Ellivuori was the location in 2001 and 2011, but making Ellivuori III is not a part of our plan. As a result of extensive research...

IntSaab Crew: Matti Penttinen

Matti Penttinen wrote on May 24, 2019 -- 1min read

Hi there! My name is Matti. I live near Jyväskylä, in Central Finland and I’m 33. By the time IntSaab2021 kicks off, I’ll be somewhat older and probably have some gray hair too, because I’m carrying the project manager responsibility for the event...

IntSaab Crew: Toni Koskinen

Juho Peltomäki wrote on July 14, 2019 -- 1min read

The event requires a crew with various skills and interests. In this blog post we introduce one of the team members whose work will be mostly visible before the event: Toni Koskinen is responsible for IntSaab2021 marketing.  Hi, I’m Toni! I was b...

IntSaab Crew: Juho Peltomäki

Juho Peltomäki wrote on July 14, 2019 -- 2min read

The event requires a crew with various skills and interests. In this blog post we introduce one of the team members whose work will be mostly visible before the event: Juho Peltomäki manages public relations, for example this blog.  Hello, I’m Ju...

Saab Club on Ahvenisto race circuit

Petteri Virtanen wrote on August 18, 2019 -- 1min read

Saab Club of Finland, organizer of IntSaab2021, had its yearly Summer Event on 5-7 July in Hämeenlinna. Aulanko holiday resort served as the main venue for the event, but a major part of it took place on the famous Ahvenisto race circuit, located ...

IntSaab Crew: Netta Pöntinen

Netta Pöntinen wrote on September 2, 2019 -- 1min read

Hi all, I’m Netta! I’m a 43 yo. saaber and mother living in Mikkeli in southern Savonia. I’m originally from south-western Finland, not too far from the Uusikaupunki Saab plant. This is my first year as a board member of the Saab Club of Finland. ...

The H Turbo that is not in Trollhättan

Juho Peltomäki wrote on October 14, 2019 -- 2min read

When you visit the Saab museum in Trollhättan, you’ll find a beautiful line-up of Saab engines. Some are coated with special colors, some are made to reveal their technology by cutting structurals. Most are probably built in the beginning of their...

IntSaab 2021 What do we know so far

Juho Peltomäki wrote on March 15, 2020 -- 2min read

Our team has had very busy moments with this huge project. At first I thought that we’d just book the whole Himos resort, make some marketing, and plan some activities. But that is just the top of an iceberg. We have a dedicated guy just to make s...

The Finnish Savusauna

Toni Koskinen wrote on April 16, 2020 -- 2min read

Definition of Sauna The Finnish sauna is a space that is usually heated to a temperature of about 80–110 °C for healing and relaxation. The earliest Finnish saunas were built in the bronze age, and the basic shape has remained the same since then...

IntSaab Crew: Petteri Virtanen

Petteri Virtanen wrote on June 15, 2020 -- 2min read

Hello, dear reader! I believe the chairman’s introduction post was due a long time ago in Juho’s original publication schedule, but I’ve been procrastinating successfully. My name is Petteri, I’m 40+ years old, and I live in South-Western Finland...

Travel tip: Moominworld

Juho Peltomäki wrote on July 26, 2020 -- 2min read

When you plan your visit to IntSaab2021, be aware that we have a lot to offer in this nordic country. Moomins are Tove Jansson’s fictional characters for kids but they are also well known by adults throughout the world, perhaps most notably in Jap...

Ten months to IntSaab2021

Juho Peltomäki wrote on October 11, 2020 -- 2min read

COVID-19. That nasty disease may have permanently changed the way we used to glorify global travel. Cancellation of Denmark’s IntSaab was very regrettable and that same dark situation is shading our event in Himos too. Nevertheless, we remain opti...