How to Install the Conversion Pack, Convo Pack 2.2, v1.3 Patch and BFX Mod in 2019 (2023)


I had a lot of trouble trying to get Battlefront II to work on my computer. I decided to make a video of how to install these mods because I had to do everything all over again.

Conversion Pack:

Conversion Pack 2.2:

SWBF-v1.3 Patch:

BFX Mod:

Star Wars Week 2019:


Well, hello, merlyn's answer ones, I'm, the f-bomb here, a Knick growing and welcome to the first video of Star Wars week, where I had a little bit of trouble I very much, looks forward to putting some battlefront to from the PC on here and I may be able to do that, but had some technical difficulties a months trying to test out of the game worked I ran into multiple problems.

One of them being that all my mods uninstalled throughout the year, even though they've been installed on my computer forever.

So what I needed to do was I need to go ahead and check out all my modules, then I mean to go ahead and to reinstall the battlefront tune conversion pack after that was done I needed to reinstall.

The battlefront 2.2 convergent patch cache after that I'm, not stealing let's, try to go ahead and reinstall.

The version 1.3 patch.

Minded works.

We had to we had to install the newest version of the patch refers to 1.3 our or some garbage like that after that, my mods started to work, maybe insult myself or to the effects mod.

Now from extreme custom showing don't, forget something like wall, something I seen you guys, we Thomas.

We play Bach I, always talk up to just have any data game together myself.

Did you get all that did that speed by too fast, what's? Okay? Because for the first time ever I'm, gonna make a I'm gonna redo one of my videos, I hate redoing.

Things drives me insane.

But because of how many issues I've had which still doesn't solve my initial issue, I'm gonna go ahead.

And this video is going to show in 2019 how you install for battlefront to the 2005 version on Steam, the conversion pack, the conversion pack to point to the version 1.3 patch and to BFX mod you're going to download them in those orders.

Let me go through it right now.


So the first step you have to do is go and buy Star Wars, Battlefront 2, the 200 2005 edition on Steam, real simple, right, it's, real chief - especially around the time that I'm doing this, because they always put the Star Wars games on super low I.

Think this cost 25 cents once just by it's fun, I am NOT Spock.

Once you have the game installed double check make sure it works.


You need to do that.

Once you know that it's working, then you need to start downloading some of these mods I'll explain these as we go on.

But you need to download them in the order that I'm going to tell you.

And the order that is in the description.

And these are my files I have saved over the years and put up because like one of the big websites that had all the battlefront 2 mods got destroyed.

The first one you're gonna download is the convo, the convo patch, the regular combo pack installer, which is here as just combo pack install or dot exe it's.

The exe file it's.

The execute file it's gonna come up you're gonna it's gonna ask you you're gonna save run you're gonna wait for it to load.

You might see a little message come up.

This will pop up it's asking do you know wanna run it just hit.

Yeah, it's, not a virus.

No one's trying to screw you.

Ok? Then that'll take a while to load because my computer is struggling trying to remake this you're gonna hit whatever language you want.

Then this is gonna come up and the installation wizard is gonna come up you're gonna hit next you're gonna head I, accept you're gonna hit next.



Next here's where it gets tricky, we're, not playing it on the computer we're playing on Steam.

So you see how this program files dot, eight, six, whatever right, LucasArts, that's, not what you want.

You want to browse don't.

Screw this up cuz.

Everyone screws this up.

You want to scroll all the way down cuz we're playing on Steam.

You want to go to steam.

My computer has a heart attack doing this.

Steam steamapps.

Then you go common.

Then you go to star wars, battlefront 2, then you go to game data, that's it.

Alright, steam.


Common, Star, Wars, Battlefront 2 game data.

You see how it says, slash game data, get rid of that.

One it's, just one game data.

You hit OK.

And then you double check it.

If you put it in game data, slash game data, you make a new folder, you don't want that you hit next.

And it installs, the whole thing I'm going to cancel because I already have installed, but wait hold on you're, not even done installing stuff for the conversion pack.

Yeah, because there's a huge patch.

Alright, so you go, and you find a combo pack 2.2 patch.


So you're gonna open it it's gonna look it's gonna be just like the same you're.

Gonna hit run they're.

Gonna wait you're gonna hit.

Yeah, you gonna make it English, right? 2.2.

Next I, agree.

Next next.

Here we go.

You see how this only has one game data and the LucasArts thing.

So make sure when you hit browse and you come steam, steamapps, common, Star, Wars, Battlefront 2, game data, make sure it doesn't have the other game data folder.

If it does just screwed it up, then you hit next, but I'm, not gonna do that cuz I've installed.

It should install just fine now here's, where you check some your progress right? And you could go to instant action and see don't mind.

These yellow ones, these yellow maps or other mods, the Bespin Cloud City best, pen, platforms that's from the original game that's from the combo pack, but here's.

The thing this is how you know just a problem with the mod, ok, because when I go to Bespin right, there's, only clone wars and galactic civil war in the era section.

And this is where you need to download something to make all the what mods work in battlefront - alright.

A lot a while ago, I didn't have to do it, or my version works I had to download new version that's, the newest part for this.

So if you want to do any mods, including to be effects, one that I'm doing next, you need to download this next mod and instructions are a little different.

So now we need to install the star wars.

Battlefront, 3 version, 1.3 patch are a hundred thirty I've just found this one after like hours of trying to make it work and I.

And this is what helped me so I'm.

Assuming this is the one that works.

So you download it from my list, it's number three in the description, and you hit run and I actually have to install this mod in front of you guys tail because I need it.

You hit.


The directions for this.

One are different.

It says, when picking the exhalation path and the next step choose the main folder when Star Wars Battlefront 2 was installed don't, pick it's game data folder and that's the difference because this changes the game.

So it it came up for me now so it's, you dude automatically.

But if it doesn't, you know, you're gonna browse steam steamapps, common, Star, Wars, Battlefront 2, that's, it just Star.


Battlefront 2 do not put it in the game data.

And then you install it just like it said, this is changing the game.

This is allowing certain things to work right now.

Already I have a confirmation that this is working by having 510 out of 500 total missions.

That means that the errors are working.

And each era that you use works as a separate map.

So already like this is orange - it looks different.


Cloud, City.

There we go nice of the Old Republic I have a mod in there and might be effects.

Am I the Old Republic stuff is here, but I'm going to be reinstalling, the BFX mod for you guys.

If you if this isn't working like, you know, you don't have the actual guts of the mod like yeah, you have the maps, but you're missing a lot of stuff.

And you need that version 1.3 patch to make any other mods were Correll.

So you're, not gonna get your eras.

Now I always assumes that I need that you needed to install the conversion pack 2.2.

Because the BFX pack is a 2.2 I, always assumed that it was related.

I have a new one in the download link, that's title, 2019, which is this one so I'm gonna hit run.

It came up a hit.

Yeah, it's gonna come to this welcome to the battlefront extreme setup.

Wizard next I agree.

Next blah, blah, blah, Oh, a OMA.

This is a final release to install it.

You must have the conversion pack and the unofficial patch.

So you do need to do all the mods in the order you hit next see how it says game data add-on game data, get rid of that [ __, ], you're gonna make it game data only, but let's say you did this by mistake, huh? Let's say, you mess this up.

And you put it in the wrong spot we're.

Gonna double look at it just do game data.

Slash no just do it.

The way we did it before steam, steamapps.

Common, Star, Wars, Battlefront 2, gay Java and get rid of these things if you were dumb and you didn't, do it right? I'm gonna show you if not you can skip ahead when you're done installing this comes up all done.

Go run.

It hit next you're.

Good, you're.



This is for the idiots who never.


You go.

You got to go ahead and find it you're gonna have to go into pro your program files.

You can have to go to steam steamapps, common, Star, Wars, Battlefront - where is that thing game data add-on because that's where most of your stuff goes.

Now you have.

You have successfully.

Good job created a game to add a folder because you're an idiot, and you didn't, listen or you're rushed.

If you did that you copy this folder, you copy the add-on folder.

You go back, no, forget that drag it out drag it out to the desktop I have an add-on folder sitting here drag it out to the desktop.

And when you come back, you drag it in right and it's just move to game data.

You're gonna hit merge with this file I'm, not because this add-on something special for me, all right.

Then you're gonna go back to your data, you're gonna drag it out.

Okay, then you're gonna go back over here and you're gonna merge it with the data that's in the game data folder.

This has all the sides that you need I'm.

Not gonna do it because I have it set? Okay, then you're gonna delete this game data folder in your add-on folder.

Oh something went wrong at the wrong button.

Yeah, you're gonna delete that that is if you successfully did not follow my instructions if you did, then you should be playing it already because you're finished.

Then again, you know, if you have to be effects month, this will come up don't worry about it it's like no big deal.

Well, let's go test some right.

Everyone likes best friend.

The cloud city sure conquest Knights to the year-old Republic, why? Because that's part of the month that we just did and and what's another cool.

One we'll.

Do you know, I was like Khorasan with the VFX Clone Wars.

So we'll, add it and let's go check these babies out.

Ha, ha, ho, it's, a good sign.

Listen, I'm.

No genius.

All right.

One of my friends helped me do this like 10 years ago, 15 like, you know, in 2009, I jerry-rigged, a bunch of this crap from forums and other than fooling around and I.

See your Republic mod.

If you don't get the error it's from, you know that game.

So long ago on a galaxy far far away the Knights of the Old Republic it's, not the best mod and there's, a there's, a newer mod that goes more with uh-oh I'm, still having my problem there's.

A newer model goes with the other stuff.

But if you download the combo pack you're missing out on it.

So now let's check it to be effects.

Mod work, you'll know, right away cuz like that toy there's ton of new troops and ton of [ __, ], it's, amazing I, love to BFX months.

My favorite battlefronts too.

But my issue with bala front 2 as you saw a little bit and as you'll see.

And the whole reason why I started all his crap in the beginning, the Republic, yeah, see it works.

You know, it works because it's, simple instructions.

My problem with the game at the moment is that it keeps freezing every couple of seconds and you'll probably see it.

Once the enemies actually get on the screen.

Don't, ask me, why I don't understand what the hell's going on I think this because I know, this is gonna be a problem.

They talk to see it's freezing it's, not because I'm recording with fraps, but they're I think there's a disconnect with Windows 7.

So look I got the mods to work for you I read made the video happy, Star Wars week.

Because this is the start of Star Wars week, I figured out some of you guys ridiculous problems and it's because you know, one was following instructions school it's a clone assassin that guy I, don't know, what's my problem, but hey, I hope this video helps I hope you guys enjoyed this video because of this issue, I can't, really put battlefront on to the channel I was gonna play a bunch of games with my cousin I'm I play on my brother's computer as I think I said in the earlier video, I mean earlier in the video, but uh, we'll see we'll see what happens I'm, not feeling I don't, really want to just blast.

My brother's computer I am buying a new one at the end of the year like in July and currently I'm stress testing this, but it's still not working that right who's in draw League.

You know, I'm using him in my book.

Yes, I.

Am right? Oh they took big took the command post over again, [ __, ] all right.

We'll play verse 10, draw League a little bit before I end this because it is crapping out.

Look this man as it freezes look this man, yeah, it's like a plane on dial-up, Jesus, Christ, it's.

So bad.


Well, I'll see if my brother will let me play with play with my cousin maybe we'll get some like actual battlefront too, but I.

Hope, you guys enjoyed this I'm, the f-bomb here in Nick growing comeback be a friends, [ __ ].

We love friends just want to kill us.

One guy in the videos over beautiful.



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