So, we got the opportunity to do something SUPER COOL! We attended the Legacy Passholder preview of the all-new Star Wars Trading Post in Downtown Disney! It’s located in the former Rainforest Cafe building right near the west gates into Downtown Disney. We had a very small wait time to get in, and it was sure worth it! They have tons of exclusive Star Wars merchandise, including a lightsaber building area, similar to what you find in Galaxy’s Edge. We had a blast walking through the area and seeing all the brand new merchandise available, and it was so hard not to buy all of it! It’s not the biggest area inside, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction! Join us on this experience!


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Good evening and welcome to a special jet experience.

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So already behind me, oh let's, see if I can find it it's kind of behind declan's head, right now, we're back at downtown disney and we're here to check out the star wars training, post, it's a legacy, pass holder preview nights.

It opened last night and then it's open tonight for the preview.

And then officially opens on friday, we're, not gonna waste any time we're already a little bit past our time for traffic we're gonna go check in get in line and get in there and bring you around the entire area and see what they've got so join us on this experience.

So here is the front of it.

If you remember the last time, I filmed it, it was all blocked off, and it was covered up.

You couldn't, see anything.

So you can see star wars trading post there, and there is currently a line so we're going to head over find the end of the line, hopefully it's, not too too long.

And now I don't feel so bad about missing my time either so it's coming around to just right here.

There's, maybe I don't know, 25 people in line right now, here's the end of the line so we'll get in line and hopefully it's not too long, oh, and they grabbed me right when I was getting in line perfect.

And they actually had me come over here.

This enter here to actually check in with the reservation.

So we'll kind of come over here and get mine for that.


So we just ended up doing a big circle.

We went in this door, uh, just walked through just for the sake of walking through.

I guess, uh.

And then they directed us back over to the exact same line.

I was going to stand on anyway, uh.

So now we're in line to wait, they did offer, uh gift cards to to buy minimum 100 on it.

And I think I set a maximum of five, um and it's, the it's, a new silver one, and they said that you can get the gold one and galaxy's edge.


And so a lot of people are buying them, because they know they're gonna be spending money anyway.

So they buy more for the collector's item.

So here's, just another view, another angle of the line.

You can see your old sandwich in the background there.

And right here is the side of the treading post, what still looks like random forest cafe a lot.

So I've been in a rainforest cafe like one time.

And it was many years ago, and it was not this one.

I don't believe I've ever been in this one so I'm, not super familiar with what rainforest cafes look like besides one time.

So I know it, you know, kind of look like a jungle so to speak so I'm excited to get in there and see what it looks like.

And hopefully it was well worth the wait.

There are some communication devices.

Hopefully the rebels are are getting all the information they need.

Oh and we're moving up a little bit, we've got two spots actually we're moving pretty quick now so it's starting to get a whole different feel.

Now that it's getting dark with the lights out, you can kind of see it right here.

And then over here, right here, you can see what I filmed last time with uh, rey's speeder.

So when we get done inside I'll come out and get a shot of that, uh in the dark and really see how that is glowing out here all right, there's more communication, satellites, oh, we're, moving up a little bit see the sign.

And here we are right up to the front see you in a little bit, oh we're.

Next in line here it is all right enter here.

They just let us in they said, if we want to get a closer look of the lightsabers, which maybe we will we'll take a number so we'll, check that out all right so right inside some some traditional star wars stuff, droid depot that's, a super cool shirt.

Oh, I love this cup.

I'm always looking for coffee cups.

These look like shot glasses, not that I need those but it's here.

Dj, rex, oh look.

They've got little things, declan, don't, touch.

It here's.

Some c3pos, some bb-8 cb23s, oh and there's.

Our 2d2 up here.

Those are super cool.

I know, declan, what is that? Yeah, it's grogoos, it's, his little pod and then and then here's, some little grogues all right we'll kind of linger over here while we're, waiting because we're not far, oh and here's I'm, not going to try to pronounce it.

But the board game that that we see in a couple different, uh movies.

So those are super cool.

Black spire merchandise, oh that's, really cool.

Right? There let's see what's around here spot two for after you visit, you can get a magnet.

Well, I guess I don't really need a number we're, not actually going to touch them or anything.

So, but we can look here I'll zoom in a little bit.

So they've got some different areas here.

And those are some really cool looking handles, darth tyranus.

And it looks like they're, just kind of a couple different set, uh, kind of areas that are the same pieces because there's darth tyranus again, I saw a mace windu.

So those are super cool.

So let's, uh, let's, keep going what I got patty frog sipper that is super cool.

So what else I see? Oh, a light saber.

Sheath right here.

I think declan wants me to get one of this for next time.

I take the hawk out I'm, not sure it'll be compatible with the h60, but we might give it a try.

But these are super cool.

No matter what oh look it's, even got little microphones, uh, even if they're fake microphones.

So maybe I could wear that.


I'm gonna see what these actually are.

Well, here's poe's, x-wing helmet and that's, uh, you know, it's a modest 665.

They had to make it 665, I'm sure because they didn't want to make it 666., but let's see what the these other helmets are going for 50 bucks.

So not not bad at all.

So I wonder what's so different about this one, or if it's an actual it looks like it's got wires and actual legit wires.

So it might be an actual legit helmet of some sort it's, really hard to see because it's dark in there.

But super cool over here is some mandalorian swag, some grogu stuff and some new shirts.

I haven't seen any of these shirts any er yet, yep, there's, some pop stuff.

All right.


Give us a tour.

Go show us where everything is what are they here's the star wars clock, yeah, they're.



Oh, what is this it's? A mandalorian puzzle thousand piece? What's a wanted poster of the child and then here's some mandalorian, um as well.

One random star wars, but mandalorian action figures and then larger actual mandalorians there's, gym jarring and here's this.

Yep, those are that's.

A wanted poster let's come over here and see what we've got on this side.

Oh here's.

Some masks cool.

So here's, the mask that I have ashley has the stormtrooper mask.

And when she wears her aviator, sunglasses, they match perfectly, and she looks like she's wearing an entire stormtrooper helmet and I'm gonna show you something what are you gonna show? Wow, that is a lot of action figures.


And then here's, an x-wing it's, actually, poe's x-wing fighter, oh, and these are some cool.

So I really like this shirt, oh that color and it's at the alliance, pretty big fan of that shirt as well.

Wow, this is the other person.

Yeah, there's.

Boba, fett, right there.

Yeah, oh look at here.

This is all the dark side stuff.

Oh, the dark side.

Guys, yeah.



Guys, yeah.

And then here's.

The good guys the resistance.

So here's, some throw not not throwback, but uh, merch of the original star wars.

So that's, actually a pretty cool t-shirt and then here's.

The millennium falcon is this.

Uh, no.

I thought it was a spirit jersey, but it's just uh, just a print shirt.

Oh it's.

The guy from star wars.

It looks like he actually, oh, so you pull the trigger.

And he laughs, oh, and you can turn his head, that's, super cool.

Then you got a whole bunch of plushes on the back wall here, some ewoks, you've got yoda.

Yep, I can't my brian brand is going so fast right now, uh, porg that's.

What it is some more plush toys.

Some of the creatures found throughout the galaxy.

Declan, says, okay, guys crush the rebellion.

Oh, what is that it's a remote control? Um, I don't, remember, the name it's right here.

And you know how to read? Wow, that's, super cool.


I didn't notice this one before, but it's it's, a plaid shirt with crush the rebellion what's on the front.

Oh cool, very nice.

I actually kind of like that shirt.

And he has this.

Yep, who's that guy, darth vader that is not darth vader, who is that it's kylo ren, right behind where the helmets were looks like this.

Uh, looks like rey's, um outfit.

Right here.


Some kids lightsabers then coming on over here.

Oh, there's, boba, fett, that's, a super cool shirt, oh and the boba fett gauntlets.

And then here are some it's, a padawan lightsabers and then here's some of the get-ups.

Some of that I don't want to say costumes, but the outfits are you guys making that youtube video up near the cash? Registers? Oh, this is a super cool.

Coffee mug, too it's.

A storm trooper, oh, I like it.

Oh, the handle is that would make me really nervous, though because it's not connected then travel, mugs and water bottles.

Oh, this has um fuses in it.


Super cool.


So there's stormtrooper costumes.

And then there is darth vader's fighter helmet.

I can actually zoom in on that a little bit awesome.

Yeah, baton and shield.

That's, super awesome.

Oh and there's stormtrooper helmets down there.

I didn't even see.

Yeah, first order stormtroopers that is and here's, um, more first order, merchandise, stormtroopers and kylo ren.

Oh let's see what's over here.

We've got the kylo ren helmet for 750 general grievous for 325, which is actually bigger than the kylo ren mask.

And then the jedi temple guard mask for 130.

Daddy, here's, the scary guy at the bar here's, the sith mini busts as declan's pointing out.

He has the scary guy.

And so this comes with four busts, it's, darth, tyranus, darth, maul, darth, vader and darth, sidious here's.

Another kylo ren premier helmet, which looks like it's, probably the same as this guy.

Let me get it without the glare in it.

Yep, that's, really cool.

And then that looks like a leia outfit.

Jedi patch, set got another cool coffee mug out.

I would buy every coffee plug in here.

First order, officer's hat, and then officer's uniform let's see if we can get at least the price of this guy.

I don't know if you can see it kind of it's, 125 that's, actually not too bad at all.

So not quite as big on the inside as I was thinking, it was going to be in here, but it's still a decent size.

Oh, so what do we have here? We have jedi holocrons, sith, holocrons and kyber crystals and here's some lightsaber belt clips, oh let's see we did not look at the front of this section yet let's see what's over here.


So pins there's, a whole bunch of pins.

There's, mandalorian, declan can read this.

What does that say, bud? This is the way this is the way.

And what is this that's that's grogu? I kind of really want this patty frog, sipper and be honest, they're, uh, they're only 24 bucks.

So that's, actually pretty cheap.

I think so yeah, oh I do.

Oh I really like this.

One it's got cork on the bottom galaxy's edge.

Oh, here's.

The spirit jersey, right here.

Let's, see what it looks like on the other side, oh, super cool, it's a black spire.

So let's, see what we've got over here.

Oh, it might just be for show might not actually do anything.

Sorry, bud.

Yeah, buttons.


Do anything all right so I'm back over by the front, real quick and I'll kind of try to get a pan of this the whole store.

So right here next to one of the couple trees in here and so we'll pan around it there's, the lightsaber area right there that you can build as japan.

You can see all the way to the back of the store.

And then the cash registers are up here.

And over here is where the droid chips are the personality chips all in all.

I mean, it is, it is rather cool in here would have been.

I would have liked to see it a little bigger, but you know at the same time, they probably only had certain uh size area already to work with I'm sure, this was not the whole.

This is probably the gift shop of the restaurant.

So I don't know what the rest of the restaurant looks like, or if they're planning to expand into it, which would be super cool.

I like this shirt, it says, force wielder and then here's a pin and patch set.

You've got a couple different ones.

There's one example and then there's.

Another one right we're heading out.

Now we've got the exit here, they're keeping entrance center from the exit.

So I walked out right into this area.

And this is kind of cool.

Let's see what's set up here.

Oh, that's, just a crew member station, oh, yep, that's, all that is so let's come around this way so it's cutting, oh, yeah, you see those they're little droids and there's, a bb-8 there's, a bb unit and an r2d2.

It is very cool.

They're watching us and it's.

The the ambiance has certainly changed on the outside because it's all dark down here right now.

The front of the sign, the star wars training, post.

I can't, remember, if those boxes were all there, but yeah, here's a super cool.

This looks even cooler at night.

I would definitely like to take this for a ride.

But obviously I would get sent to rebel jail.

Probably first order would grab me and a heartbeat.

So we'll just have to settle with admiring it.

All right.

So that was our first trip inside of the star wars trading post at downtown disney, super cool experience again.

I've already kind of talked about it, but would like to have been a little bit bigger.

And I think they could have gone a little more big if you will with some of the decorations inside.

But again, it is a gift shop.

So obviously I'm not expecting ride quality, uh, you know, backgrounds and and backdrops and whatnot, but still very cool to have it hope you like the video if so uh thumbs up like subscribe ring.

The bell below as always be kind and be real and join us on our next experience till the day.


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Batuu, the distant planet at the center of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in the Disney Parks, will be featured in a Disney+ series for the first time ever. This will mark the first instance in which the planet has ever appeared in television or film media.

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Walt Disney World is closing down Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, one of its newest and splashiest attractions, at the end of September, the resort announced Thursday. The ultra-immersive – and ultra-pricey – bow to the “Star Wars” universe opened to much fanfare in spring 2022.

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As a general rule of thumb, the fastest way to ride Rise of the Resistance will almost always be to use one of the Disney Genie individual lightning lanes. The main reason why this is the fastest way onto Rise of the Resistance is that this is a premium upgrade and will cost between $15-$17 per person.

Can you live in Batuu? ›

Once there, players can choose the district they want to visit and be instantly teleported to Batuu. A unique feature of Batuu is that Sims don't need to rent a lot or limit their stay, allowing them to essentially live there forever, but their performance at work or school will suffer if they attend any.

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