Disney Accused of Repeatedly STEALING Star Wars Fan Art. (2023)


Disney / Lucasfilm is once again being accused of stealing "inspiration" from the Star Wars fandom and other sources to use in Marvel Comics and various licensed products. Does these claims have merit, and would any of it stand up in court? Even the Thala-Siren was lifted?!

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Hey, guys, welcome back to clown fish TV.

This is neon we're gonna talk about Disney, Star Wars and their tendency to borrow inspiration.

Take take stuff from the fandom I.

Guess, there are allegations about plagiarism with Disney star wars.

Now we've been hearing about this for a couple of years now that some of the folks over at Lucasfilm tend to take inspiration.

Take inspiration from fan creations or other media when adding to the Borg like cube that is the Disney Empire.

This is really nothing new.

Well, I'll talk about that a little bit later in the video, but I'm gonna point you to this article over at bleeding fool from our friend, DG Baca that Disney continues a pattern of serial plagiarism with Star Wars she's found a couple of examples and we're gonna pull up some of the previous examples.

I don't think we've ever really talked about it at length on clownfish TV.

But there are multiple multiple examples of alleged fan art or other other fan creations being absorbed into the the mouse that the cube of the mouse here.

So Disney continues a pattern of a serial plagiarism.

So here are some of the previous examples, accusations arose that specific elements from the last Jedi screenplay were plagiarized from fan fiction, new accusations arose in editing techniques in the last year plagiarized from escape from la.

That was discovered that the crystal foxes may have been lifted from a polish artists and artists seems to have been plagiarized in character posters for solo.

Yeah, I do remember that one I do remember that the solo posters were effectively knockoffs of these album covers Sony, Music, Legacy compilations.

Now it's interesting, we talked about Sony Cassone themselves, has borrowed I'm using air quotes your borrowed fan art for different promotions and whatnot.

But that's a totally different video.

Identical editing sequence for the throne-room sequence was found in The Wizard of Oz that might be in omage.

A scene from Ella Enchanted was found which seemed to lift costumes and choreography.

Why are you lifting from that almost identical artwork seems to be republished in the Star Wars Imperial handbook written by Daniel Wallace what's.

This one about this is a guy named Mark rats rates if you really want to piss me off and steal my art use it as an official tops card set and pretend it's your own as if to irritate me, even further it's clear, all this genius did is trace badly.

My comp, flipping it that would make it.


So this is his original art.

Wow, yeah, that's pretty damning.

We saw this with with a poster for the rise of Skywalker.

They actually used a a toy a toy of Darth Sidious of Palpatine, and they used it, and they photoshopped over it and made it part of the rise of Skywalker poster.

So this does seem to be a trend with Lucasfilm.

What are some of the others that we have here more similarities between the throne room sequence of the last Jedi and Casino Royale ships and characters and star wars? Resistance seem to have been copied from other designs.

I have heard about this one that there are a lot of you know, designs that have been copied or inspired resistance that resistance, which to me look like I, didn't.

Watch a whole lot of it, but it did look like Obon star racers more than Star Wars.

Some suggested the Razr from the Mandalorian was a ripoff of Nell.

The tiger ito has been lifted from fan artist, EC Henry.

So this artist had updated designs for the first-order tie bomber and that's.

What actually appeared in the comic I've heard about that before that the comic has the comic books actually are using a lot of fan design ships and whatnot.

You know, again, it's there's where this is where it gets sticky with Disney.

This is where it gets sticky with Disney.

Because this is not, you know, unique just to starwars Disney has in the past actually gone out to sites like Etsy.

And they've actually found fan designs for t-shirts and artwork and whatever.

And they've actually made official merchandise that's, very very similar to what has been proven popular on some of these websites.

We've actually seen designs in the Disney Stores.

And the theme parks they're like, oh, my gosh.

This is one that looks like it came from Etsy.

Yo, this does seem to happen.

You know here, I mean, you could just do a search for Etsy art, stolen, Etsy.

Art on Disney.

Here we have Alice in Wonderland artwork by Katie, wood, ger being stolen by Disney for a bag.

The cosmetic bag I thought there were panties at first, huh.

But a bag.

Disney stole my artwork.

This has happened multiple times at Disney.

Now, this isn't specifically about Disney, but Disney has taken inspiration.

Sometimes inspiration sometimes directly taken artwork from Etsy sellers now here's where it gets sticky because Disney, technically owns those characters.

And because Disney is such a large organization, it's almost impossible for an individual artists fan artist to fight them.

Disney has some of the most tenacious lawyers in the world.

And you know, it's gonna be very very hard for just some Etsy seller to to go after Disney for poaching their designs.

But this is a common thing now you're talking about a company that turns out thousands and thousands of pieces of product and images probably per month for various things across the theme parks and the movies.

And you know, license IP.

The people that work there are probably pretty desperate to come up with new ideas, all the time and Disney's expected to be creative all the time.

So it would not surprise me if some people at Lucasfilm are taking shortcuts because their job depends on, you know, being creative coming up with new stuff.

And you know, what do they get? What are you gonna do about it? I mean, the fans complain you're, basically making Star Wars stuff and Disney owns Star Wars.

So the judge would even be like, they really steal anything they technically own Star Wars anyway.

And if anything they could come back on you and say you had no right to to make fans start war stuff.

So it's, a really, you know, sticky situation, but here's, some more examples of fan designs being lifted by Disney Star, Wars, Disney, Lucasfilm, Eckert's, latter reports on the juggernaut from fractal sponge that was used in a Star Wars role-playing game supplement okay.

So here's the juggernaut and then more fan art right here there.

It is and it's damn-near damn near identical isn't it.

Yo, um, I know, some of these videos that really delve into it are you know, even being like they're, lifting some of the idiosyncrasies from the fan art.

They've we've seen it in the comics where ship designs have been lifted? You know here here are the tanks.

This is.

This is a republic gunship.

So yeah, if this is his original they're, lifting it, you know, it's, this is going on this just continues on and on and on siege cannon from the last guy lifted from last airbender here's, the drill from the last airbender, very good series.

If you remember that the giant drill and the super laser sees cannon from the last Jedi, basically the same scene.

Now again, you could argue, it's an homage, you know, you could.

And you really can't, you know, trademark this concept or anything or trust me Disney would do it actually if somebody else came up with a super laser siege cannon in another.

Another IP Disney would probably sue them, even though they probably boosted the idea from Avatar.

But there you go now, the fella siren, the walrus alien lady that Luke Skywalker questionably milks, apparently, she has her origins in this other meme that was going around this other piece of Dutch artwork, which believe it or not I've, never seen.

It I've, never seen this Dutch artwork.

But apparently it was popular a couple years ago.

It was making the rounds would have been at the time that they were working on the last Jedi 2016 or so.

So there we have this milky lady.

And then we have this.

This is a sculpture entitled homunculus luxo Don - so Tusa Lux, Adan, Tosa created by Dutch artist, marguerite van Brevoort and 2016 looks very familiar missing.

Some nipples though this piece of art needs more more boobs here's, a description of the sculpture actually started as the sculpture created by this Dutch artist, the drooping creature with glazed eyes was installed in front of the Children's Hospital.

Yeah, that makes me feel better.

My kids sick and I got a look at this.

This thing the point according to the artist is that sits there, waiting it's intended to cheer up tired, patients stuck waiting for their turn for care.

In spite of the fact that looks like a weird cross between elephant seal, and the Pillsbury Doughboy I would not feel better having this thing sitting next to me.

Then the lumpy creature started showing up in meme form on Russian social media blame the Russians.

Oh is that where the Russian BOTS came from maybe.

And there took on a life of its own in Russia he's known as zu dune in Ukraine he's known as poo poo chicken.

Kun since Damon shark off Newsweek reporter who focuses on Russia.

One Russian newspaper declared as dune zooms Russia's, new national symbol, but why so wait a second, if he's the new symbol XI, they are the new symbol of Russia did Ryan Johnson putting this creature into the last Jedi have have kind of a hidden subtext.

I don't know, why I'm sure there's going to be all kinds of conspiracy theories because you know people who didn't like the last Jedi were Russian BOTS according to the media.

Yeah, it's, pretty pretty creepy thing there.

He is sitting sitting here in Ukrainian Parliament.

Oh, my god I see, I, didn't, see any of this I didn't, see any of this so here's, the thing they're going to keep doing it because they're cranking out so much content.

You know, they need the fans to keep giving them ideas because I think kind of running out of ideas.

But we've seen this time and time again, if they keep getting called out for it, but what what are you gonna do? You know what? What are you going to do here's? The fan design here's.

The original there's not much you.


Look at this.

Even the front end and everything is identical.


They keep doing.

It there's, not much recourse that anybody has though I mean there really isn't because you're creating you're making a fan creation of something that Disney owns now I'm not a lawyer, but I do know that Disney is very aggressive when it comes to their IP.

I mean, this is not the first time they've done this.

They've done it in various capacities for various branches of the company.

And there are people that actually are lawyered up and have representation and they lose to Disney all the time.

You know, it's it's a tough thing, but just to be aware.

If you make a fan creation, you put it out on the Internet and it's supposed to be a Star Wars thing, or, or you know, a marble thing or whatever there is a damn good chance that creatively bankrupt Disney could swipe your idea, and they could swipe it and use it in their comics or use it in their video games because they're desperate for creativity, that's something that Disney is is running out of in modern modern times.

So I'm gonna wrap this one up you go out and check this sword to go out I'm, bleeding fool not gonna link to it, because it seems like when I link to articles.

Our videos, get struck I, don't know why? But we'll talk to you guys later, hey, guys, thanks for watching clownfish TV.


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We will talk to you next time.

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