Closet Organization Ideas for Kids (2024)

Closet Organization Ideas for Kids (1)

If you have children, then you understand how incredibly challenging it can be to keep their closets organized. It's hard for wee ones to reach a high closet rod on their own, so clothes frequently end up on the floor. But never fear - with the help of a few key tools, you'll be able to create custom closets that look amazing and adapt as your children grow.

Here are a few easy and effortless moves to perfectly organizing your kiddos closets:

  • Install a lower bar that the kids can reach. This will help them learn the good habit of hanging up their own clothes.
  • Add kid-friendly cubbies. These versatile storage spaces can handle anything from ballet gear to books.
  • Invest in movable hooks. The littles will be able to hang their school bags easily so nothing gets lost.
  • Control the shoes! Kids are constantly losing their footwear - nip that in the bud with some unbelievably simple storage ideas.
  • Utilize all available space. Maximize your potential from the back of the door all the way up to the ceiling.
  • Binge on baskets, bins, and boxes. These organizational must-haves will save you loads of time and hassle.

Organizing your kids can seem like an insurmountable task, but you've totally got this! Keep reading and learn how to incorporate these elementary ideas into your child's closet and make your life so much easier.

Bring It Down

Your first move should be removing everything from the closet and evaluating your space. Most homes have standard closets, with one hanging rod high up and a shelf above that. Unless your toddler is unusually tall, it's a good idea to adjust the rod down to about three feet from the floor - kid height.

Purchase some durable plastic hangers with shoulder notches, or velvet-covered ones - the velvet keeps a surprisingly firm grip on slippery fabrics. HGTV says you can make the most of your closet space with slimline hangers. Show your babies how to hang up their clothing like big children and they'll be excited to learn something new. You'll still have room below those clothes and up on the high shelves for additional storage.

Closet Organization Ideas for Kids (2)

Clever Cubbies

Popular in preschool, these square or rectangular units are easy to reach and can hold just about anything. You can put clear plastic storage boxes in them to hold socks and underwear out of the way, stacks of clean t-shirts for regular wear, or to display their favorite books and toys.

Low cubby shelves will be in easy reach of your kids and enable them to take part in organizing their belongings. Designer Wendi Wachtel emphasizes how important it is for kids to be clutter-free for the school year, and inexpensive cubby hole storage will help your kids get ready in the mornings faster and with less fuss.

Captain Hook

For such a simple concept, basic hooks can perform a variety of valuable jobs. Some houses come with built-in hooks, especially in coat closets, but if not, they can easily be purchased. To protect your walls, consider the type that attaches via a strong adhesive putty. These have the additional bonus of being easily removable so you can adjust the height as needed.

Hooks are also great for stowing backpacks and often worn items like a cozy hoodie or robe. Your kiddos can also have some fun arranging their accessories, from hats to sunglasses to hair bows.

Closet Organization Ideas for Kids (3)

Shoe City

Whether you have boys or girls, there are going to be a lot of shoes involved. Sneakers, tap shoes, formal wear, ballet slippers, rain boots - you need to wrangle them all. It can certainly seem like an insurmountable challenge, but creative parenting and home organization blog Productive Pete yields some awesome and relatively simple ideas to win this battle:

  • Get all of your kids' shoes together in one place and take out any that are unwearable.
  • Arrange shoes by use - those worn daily, frequently, for soccer practice, for dance class, for dinner with grandparents, winter boots, you get the picture.
  • Multiple storage ideas, such as traditional shoe racks on the floor, sturdy storage baskets, or an over-the-door shoe hanger, with the daily shoes on the bottom.
  • Consider keeping certain types of shoes out of their closets altogether, such as storing outdoor boots in a mudroom and fragrant sports gear near an exit or in the garage.

Vertical Potential

One important thing you can do to maximize the storage space in your kids' closets is to use vertical space creatively. People often overlook valuable real estate up near the ceiling, on the floor, and behind the door.

Utilize these out-of-the-way areas with items like hooks, over-the-door racks, and stackable storage boxes - and make sure you label everything. Shoe racks with clear storage pockets also make an excellent place to store toys, accessories, rolled-up play clothes, or art supplies.

Add an additional shelf up near the ceiling to store keepsakes, blankets, or items you'd like to keep in their room, but safely out of reach. Don't forget to label everything clearly, you will thank yourself later.

Closet Organization Ideas for Kids (4)

Baskets, Bins, and Boxes, Oh My

These things are available in a nearly endless combination of sizes, shapes, and materials, which makes them quite versatile and able to store anything you desire. Fabric baskets are fabulous for holding socks, folded pants, and shirts, or favorite stuffed animals.

Wicker and wire bins make a great home for laundry, extra shoes, and school supplies. Your child will also need a dedicated laundry bin to assist with their closet organization. Lidless boxes fit neatly into cubbies and are easy for kids to use every day - and boxes with sturdy lids can be tucked away to keep delicate items safe and sound.

The home organization experts at Better Homes and Gardens recommend that you enlist your kids to make sure everything is labeled clearly. Let them choose the color scheme or purchase chalkboard-style labels that can be wiped clean and reused. Wheeled bins stored under the bed are convenient for games, arts and crafts, or beloved dress-up play clothes.


Getting your kids' closets organized may seem daunting, but it's actually a breeze! Just take a deep breath and use these often overlooked ideas to create a space that's beautiful, functional, and adapts as they grow.


Closet Organization Ideas for Kids (2024)
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