Art of War: Legions Troop Tier List - Games Tier List (2023)

Voodoo DollsS
Stone GolemS
Frost ArcherS
Dark WitchA
Meteor GolemA
Pirate ShipA
Rhino KnightA
Orc HuntersA
Magic ApprenticeA
Goblin TechA
Priest MageB
Undead SolderB
Ice MageB
Ghost AssassinsC
Witchcraft TotemC
Pumpkin GuardC
Taurus WitcherC
Beast MasterD
Soul HuntersD
Harbinger of FireD
Fire MageD
Ogre WarriorF
Wiking WarriorF
Iron GuardF
Templar KnightsF

Common Troops Art of War: Legions


These are your basic melee troop, usually positioned at the front of your formation, but can also help defend from attacks that hit right away at your backline. Their hit points will allow them to stay in a battle for longer than a lot of troops.


Archers are great placed in the middle of the battlefield, their range allows them to attack into the enemy frontlines while they are defended by both the troops in front and behind them. They don’t have a great deal of hit points or defense so need to be in a position that affords them some protection.

Iron Guards

Iron Guards are another basic unit, much like the infantry, just stronger, they can be used as a tank in the front lines early in the game and will do a lot of damage and take a lot too.


Bombers are another unit that will not survive long if placed in the wrong locations, so look for a safe spot for them in the middle rows and keep some troops around them to take some fire, they have a really strong attack and deal a massive amount of AoE damage – if you can keep them alive!

Hell Jailer

These units move through your troop rows so can be effective coming up from the middle or back ranks, they are a basic unit that is not so strong in defense or attack.


Catapults are another great unit that is useful early in the game because of their high AoE damage score. However they should be protected so place some troops around them and place the unit in the center of your formation somewhere.

Rare Troops

Fire Mage

The Fire Mage is another powerful unit in attack, but really needs a fair amount of protection, the best place to put a Fire Mage would be in the middle rows where he can be protected from the front and back tank and melee fighters.

Ice Mage

Ice Mages are really effective at slowing down the enemy, but are nto so strong so need to be placed in a position where then can get some protection from other troops, so we recommend somewhere in the middle for these guys.


Bandits are unique in so much as they are a ranged unit that throw daggers at the enemy before turning into a melee unit and engage the enemy in close combat. They are another unit that are probably best suited towards the back, but equally can do well towards the front utilizing their ranged attack and then taking the enemy head on with a melee attack.

Ogre Warriors

While they have a good sized attack, their health and defense score make them perfect tanks, utilise these bad boys in the front and back rows to absorb a lot of damage while your other fighters take out the enemy.

Ghost Assassins

Ghost Assassins head straight to the back of the enemy formation. They have a fast and strong attack and are ideal and taking out the enemy’s ranged attackers. They can be placed anywhere and will reach the back row of the enemy at the same time no matter where you place them. They kind of teleport to the back row and start fighting there.

Magic Apprentice

These can be game changers early in the game, and can be placed in the front if you want to get them into the action right away as they go straight to the back row of the enemy troops. You can also place them at the back, and they will join in the action a little later, perhaps when most troops are already engaged in battle.

Position close to them demons that will tank for them.

Viking Warrior

These guys can be used as tanks in the front and back rows, they will absorb a large amount of damage, but are also strong enough to deal a lot of damage themselves. A great all round troop and a superior choice to the Ogre Warrior.


These ranged troops are another unit that should be placed in the middle of your formation, they deal good ranged damage, but need some protection from surrounding troops to stay alive.


These are strong high DPS troops that can work well in both the front and back of a formation. They can protect your back rows well, but also work hard engaging the enemy from the front. It really depends on the makeup of the rest of your formation how best to deploy these guys.

Undead Soldiers

These melee fighters are incredibly fast and work best when positioned in the front rows engaging the enemy first and taking the hero skill attacks instead of other troops.

Harbinger of Fire

This AoE damage troop works well with other similar units towards the front of your formation to get the best effect.


Paladins are one of the better melee units and are incredible taking at taking out Magic Apprentices that run to the back if they are placed in the back row. They will protect your back units really well, but also are fantastic in the front row too.


These are a very useful and verstile troop that do well both in the front or back rows or a formation, their aim is to just run at the enemy and blow themselves up and the enemy unit they run into.


Are a very dtrong ranged unit, that fires arrows a horizontally through a group of enemies over a long distance. They will need close protection, so place them somewhere in the middle of your formation and put some melee units close by.


This is not a great or popular unit to have, but if you do have them, then probably they are best suited wherever you have a spare square, there is no sinlge best strategy for these guys that I can think of.

Epic Troops


The Necromancer has no attack of it’s own but does produce skeletons that attack other units. It’s great if you can keep him alive for a long time, especially if the battle is close, is spawning skeletons can sometimes be the difference between a win or a loss. A good place for the Necromancer unit is in the middle of a formation where he can be well protected from all sides.


While Pilgrims do have their own attack, what they excel in is heals, so place them close to the front behind your main attacking units so they are actively healing from the beginning of a match, but not necessarily engaged in battle themselves. Can be particular good in honor hunting to keep your troops alive for longer.

Priest Mage

This is another ranged unit that will need protection, so as is standard with ranged units or more vulnerable units, the best place to put your Priest Mage is somewhere in the middle of your formation.

Soul Hunter

The Soul Hunter is one of the strongest attacking tanks in the game with a high defense, best suited in the front or back rows.


Yasha is an incredibly high hit point troop and is best used as a tank in the front or back rows, they also have a very strong attack.

Templar Knight

The Templay Knight is an incredibly strong unit that can take a lot of damage, he is fast moving and will attract a lot of enemies to gather around him, which is useful for your other troops to then finish them off if you Templar Knight does not.


Peltasts are best suited in the sides of a formation in the center rows this shouls allow them to utilise their attack well, while not being bothered too much by attacks from the front and back


While they don’t have a great health score, they do have a good attack so will be useful in your second attack row or at the back of your formation.

Legendary Troops


Demons will head straight to the enemy back rows and attack from behind. They are very strong and have a large attack too. Place them in the front rows to get them into the action faster as they can then tank for your magic apprentices.

Beast Master

The Beast Master is another tank unit which can be placed at the front or back rows to be most effective.

Witchcraft Totem

This troop works best if it has time to use it’s Primal Fear skill, so will need to be kept alive for a little while. Therefore place the Witchcraft Totem around the third row for best effect.

Meteor Golem

An incredibly strong unit, that is great in the front center of your formation his massive health and defense as well as strong attack is sure to help you crush the enemy.

Stone Golem

Like the Meteor Golem, the Stone Golem, is an incredibly strong unit, that is great in the front center of your formation his massive health and defense as well as strong attack is sure to help you crush the enemy.

Sacred Swordsman

You need to keep this guy around for long enough for it’s skill to trigger and hopefully do that while he is in the thick of things. So a good location to place this unit is in the center of the third or fourth row.

Rhino Knight

A unit, similar in many respects to the Templar Knight but better, use him to run into the enemy front lines and attract their attackers

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